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Most Ridiculous Courses You Can Opt For

Most Ridiculous Courses You Can Opt For

Are you one of those who always wanted to be different from others? If you want to be someone unique, then why go for the usual boring and monotonous English and Mathematic courses? Read on to find out some of the most ridiculous courses you can opt for.

Elvish at University of Wisconsin – If you’re a big fan of “The Lord of the Rings” this course is meant for you. The course is taught by an expert of Elvish language, who even advised the makers of this super-hit movie series.

Art of Walking at Center College – So you always thought that we learn walking when we are toddlers? Maybe you are wrong because the Center College in Kentucky actually has a course to teach you the art of walking. The course teaches you how to appreciate the things around you when you go for a walk. The best part of the course is that they take you to some beautiful places to teach you how to walk!

Simpsons and Philosophy at University of California at Berkley – One of the most popular courses in the University, you actually get to write your own episode of “The Simpsons” in this class. Students can learn the creator’s philosophical insights about politics, life and religion.

UFOs in American Society at Temple University – If you believe in UFOs and aliens and religiously follow Fox Mudler’s adventures then you should apply for this course. Get to analyze UFOs and the controversies surrounding them.

How to watch television at Montclair State University – Most of us won’t need this course as we’re expert in this activity. But for people who can’t get enough of the “idiot box” this is the perfect course.

Stupidity at Occidental College – “Stupidity is neither ignorance nor organicity, but rather, a corollary of knowing and an element of normalcy, the double of intelligence rather than its opposite.” This is the course description given by the college. If you are not stupid enough maybe you should join the course to learn it!

Getting dressed at Princeton University – Most of the students opting for this course might be having some idea about getting dressed or else it would have been difficult to, er, attend the class.

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